Many people look for checklist for touring assisted living facilities.

When someone comes into a stage of life when they cannot perform or accomplish the things or activities that a person who is in perfectly good condition does, they definitely need some assistance or special care. Normally, the immediate family serves as caregivers. However, not everything that the person needs can be provided by the members of the family, especially when the person in need of care has an injury or medical condition and really needs professional care. Additionally, some equipment and services that cannot be found in a normal home are only available in some assisted living facilities.

The ideal scenario for taking care of the elderly or a sick family member is by a relative, typically immediate family at home. These relatives or family members have their own lives to live. They are employees, businesspeople, students, or maybe someone who’s taking care of their own families as well—busy people who do a lot of things all day in the course of performing their everyday activities, which we cannot expect them to give up to take care of an elderly person.

Not everyone has permanent conditions that require them to be taken care of for the rest of their lives. Some who need special care are just victims of accidents and injuries recovery and will eventually heal through therapy or medication. However, certain conditions are permanent, and as the person gets older, the greater their need for medical attention. When their condition worsens to the point that basic medicine administration and assistance with transfers from the bed to a seat is not the only help or care needed, maybe an Assisted Living Community is the best option.

But how do we find the right assisted living community for our loved one? That is the most important question of all. We don’t want our elderly in the wrong hands. As much as possible, we go for the top of the line in this type of industry. Here is a checklist for touring assisted living facilities, we may have a look at and consider when choosing.

  • Background/History of the Facility
  • Reviews of the Facility
  • Services and Amenities Offered
  • Patients’ Needs and Condition
  • Proximity
  • Cost
  • Are they an ALTCS Approved Facility or Arizona Medicaid Certified?

These are some of the factors you may consider when choosing the right Assisted Living Community. You can look for all this information in a number of ways, whether through calling them over the phone, Googling them, or visiting them personally. This could be a hassle, especially for people whose reason for finding an assisted living facility is due to lack of time to take care of their loved one themselves. Even if you managed to get in contact with the ones on top of the list, you probably won’t get all the information you need to make sure you are making the best choice for your loved one. It’s time to seek a professional’s help.

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There are a number of organizations that have all this information for you. They will help you to choose a place that will suit your loved one’s condition and preferences. This checklist for touring assisted living facilities will help you in choosing right assisted living facility.

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What is a Senior Placement Agency?

A Senior Placement Agency is an agency that provides placement services for individuals and families seeking the right Assisted Living Community for their loved one. They have an array of these facilities with all the necessary information that will help you pick which one will provide the care needed. These agencies assess your loved one to know what type of services and facilities you need. They have competent senior care consultants who will talk to the person in need of care and their family and ask for their living preferences, medical needs, location, and budget.

With this information, they will be able to recommend what type of assisted living facility will best fit the needs of your loved one. One that you can afford not just now but for the rest of your life, and if needed, will find you a home or community that accepts ALTCS currently or in the future.

How much do you pay for the services of a Senior Placement Agency?

A Senior Placement Agency plays a major role in finding the right place for persons who seek a facility where all the care needed is available and will still have the feel of their own home. So big is their responsibility that the well-being of the person being taken care of is in their hands. You probably think that it will cost you a fortune to hire their services.

But how much does it really cost you for the services of these agencies? Some placement agencies ask for placement fees, but most of them provide services all for free. Yes, all for free.

Well, you might be wondering how they profit from providing these services. They receive what we call referral fees, which are paid by the assisted living facilities to which they refer residents. Check out 11 signs it might be time for Assisted Living.

How to find the right placement agency?

It is simple. Look for an agency that has Certified Placement and Referral Specialists. These specialists are certified by national organizations that maintain a code of ethics and best practices that ensure that all member agents are providing the best services and referrals that are suited to every resident’s needs. The National Placement and Referral Alliance (NPRA) is an organization that has members all over the country who take the same oath to provide the services their clients need to help find the best place for them to live. They have a strict code of ethics that all members are obliged to follow and they make sure that any violators of this code will be held liable. It is less about profit and more about what they can do to help their clients.

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To recap, finding a suitable assisted living community is crucial. You may find one but may regret it in the future. Through the help of Senior Placement Agencies, you will ensure that you are not choosing the wrong one. Anyway, it’s free of charge. You’ve got nothing to lose. So go pick up the phone and get the services of a Certified Placement and Referral Specialist who will help find the right Assisted Living Community for you.

I hope you liked our checklist for touring assisted living facilities.

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